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A Tour to Best Budgeting Software for MAC: Quicken

If you are Mac users and searching for the best budgeting software, all you need is Quicken. It will give you everything you desire from an ideal financial software. It has stellar features and very pocket-fitting subscription plans. Let’s discuss Quicken for Mac in a depth. Let’s begin with features.

The feature list of Quicken for Mac:

  • It includes a variety of version to choose from, such as Quicken Starter, Deluxe, and Premier.
  • Allows you to access up to 11,000 online billers, and PDF downloads for bills.
  • No need of an upgrade to access the newly launched features
  • The collaboration with Dropbox to secure the 5 GB online data.
  • The Deluxe and higher versions include the IRR and ROI view feature.
  • Facility to track the investment lot.
  • The “what-if” analyses of different scenarios for loans and payments.
  • The Quicken phone support accessibility for Premier users.

How to Use Quicken for Mac: The Comprehensive Guide:

Those who are planning to purchase a new Quicken product for your Mac device, you must have the adequate knowledge of the downloading, installing or using it. Here is the complete guide to using the Mac products:

How to Install Quicken on Mac?

To pursue the installation after inserting the CD, tap on the downloaded with. Now, add the Quicken to the Applications folder on your device. Now click on Quicken to launch the application on your device. Make sure you add your upgrade the Quicken to the latest version.

Activate Your Quicken product:

If you purchase Quicken membership, you must have Quicken signing id, if you don’t have to create a new account using your email id and password. Make sure you use the same id to login which you used for purchasing subscription.

Once you are signed to Quicken, the subscription is now activation.

Purchases Quicken from a Retailer:

If you have upgraded your Quicken product to the 2015 or advanced version, the existing file will be upgraded automatically in such cases.

Select to upgrade the new version of Quicken using the data files and then hit “Next”.

Upgrading Quicken to Mac from Windows:

Once you are signed in to on your activated your membership, you will be promoted to make a new move.

Now Start From Scratch:

  • Click on Start from scratch.
  • Now select sync your data cloud to use Quicken mobile app.
  • Make a choice and select “Next”.
  • After that, you need to add the Quicken account you want and your transactions will be automatically updated from the financial accounts attached to your Quicken profile.
  • Now, you will be redirected to Home tab which guides you with the benefits of Quicken.

Quicken for Mac is a never-ending topic to discuss, but if you are a novice and looking for comprehensive guidance, call upon Quicken Support for Mac. Get unlimited support and consultation from experts.

Quicken Support Phone Number for Mac is helpline to troubleshoot the technical halts come while using Quicken on Mac devices. The toll-free numbers are reachable all time from dawn to dusk.

How to Transfer Quicken From a PC to a Mac?

If you are Quicken users and want your device from PC to Mac, you need to make few alternations in the settings of your Quicken product to use it in a seamless manner. You need to transfer your PC files to Mac. The Mac version of Quicken has a different set of features than that of Windows, but you can freely transfer your data files from PC to Mac. Get to know about transferring Quicken from PC to Mac, read the given blog or dial Quicken Customer Service for MAC.

To transfer your data from PC to Mac device, follow the below-given methods:

Step 1:

Open your Outlook account and click on “Tools” and select “Account List”. Select the Options menu and from the drop-down list, “Manage accounts” and then uncheck the “Hide in Quicken”. Now on the entries with the name more than 15 characters, click Edit and change the name and click Ok. Follow the same process for all accounts added.

Step 2:

Go to the account tab and tap on “Accept all”, in the downloaded transactions tab, go to the schedule bills and then hit Cancel button for the pending transactions.

Step 3:

Go to the “Tools” menu and select “Category list”. Now rename the entries with the name of 15 characters long by right-clicking on the “Edit” option and click Ok after naming it. Do this process for all entries.

Step 4:

Go to the “Investing Menu” and then click “Security list”. Change the name of all entries which includes special characters or symbols in the name. Make sure they only have the uppercase letters in the name.

Create a QIF file to export your data.

Step 1:
  • Click the “File” menu and then “Export”.
  • Select “QIF File”
  • Go to “Browse” and search for the QIF files.
  • Type “Security List.OIF” and click OK.
  • Go to All accounts and then “Security Lists” and remove the check from all boxes.
  • Leave the data range as usual.
  • Follow the same process for Accounts QIF files, Transactions.QIF files, and then categories. QIF files and hit OK.
  • Check the Accounts box, Transactions box, or Categories box for the QIF files you are creating.

To get support and information regarding the above discussed topic, call upon Quicken Technical Support for MAC.

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