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What Version of Windows Are You Looking For?

You must know your Quicken version and the year as it helps in technical troubleshooting and updating the Quicken product. This is how you can find the Quicken version with the below-given methods. Or if you looking for any information to particular product information reach the support services Quicken for Windows.

Find the number of version for Quicken product:

  • Launch the Quicken software on your device
  • Go to the menu and select Help.
  • Now under the help menu, select About Quicken.
  • You will see a pop-up box which includes all related information such as the version and release of your Quicken product.

The edition number for your Quicken software mostly written on the top of the box that appears.

Just below the Quicken edition, you will see the version number of your product. This is also known as the release number. This is a set of numbers separated by periods between them, such as 2.0.5 etc.

What Does Quicken Version Number Represent:

The version numbers help you keep an eye out on the updates and upgrades your product has undergone so far. Each time you update or upgrade you can see the visible difference in the release number series.

Every included numerical term helps you understand the improvement made so far or the required progresses. If the number looks like “3.0.5”, the meaning is simple. The number 5, first from the right indicates the little enhancement, improvements and bug fixes.

The number 3 which is first from the left-hand side signifies the main or major upgrades you have purchased. This number tends to change every time you upgrade the version of your product.

The middle number in the series represents which shows the level of the upgraded version, this is neither too major nor meant to be ignored.

How Can You Update The Quicken to the Latest Version?

You can update the Quicken software in two major ways. There is one way to update the Quicken version is using the “One step update”. In order to update the Quicken version, you can try installing the update. If you are not willing to install the product updated version, but any other than that, try to below given steps:

  • Go to the Quicken Update Index web page.
  • Now in the operating system, go to the link of the Quicken version year and click on it. If you cannot see the year of product you are looking to purchase, the older version is no more accessible.
  • Go to the “Manual update” to find the update you are looking for, follow the on-screen prompts to install.

If you are searching for the system requirements for different Quicken products, go to the https://www.quicken.com/support/quicken-system-requirements or you can reach the experts via Quicken Windows Support

If it doesn’t work for, you can try calling Quicken Tech Support Phone Number and avail the support for any related topic or error. The toll-free numbers let you contact the support team for Quicken experts.

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